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Neighborhood window easter egg hunt!

UPDATE: 4/12/2020 - 6PM

Thank you to everyone who participated in this event! We had a bunch of kids who walked the loop with their families. But what really touched my heart was the amount of neighbors who took time out of their day to cut out eggs and paste them in their windows, front doors, garage doors, etc! Some of you really went above and beyond! There were two houses on Fox Hill with over 12+ eggs!  Some eggs were so detailed, you could tell they took some time. All in all, there where between 73 to 92 eggs depending on which kid you talk to! An amazing number nonetheless. Something so simple meant the world to our children. Some of you I've never even talked to - Thank you so much! It's the strength in our community that will get us all through this.



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Thank you for stopping by! With everything going on in our world right now, I wanted to make sure our neigborhood kids could still have a fun and safe Easter Egg Hunt!

It's simple to participate!

Neighbors - Please cut out a large Easter Egg out of colorful paper, maybe some old wrapping paper, and tape it to the inside of a window or front door of your house. Our neighborhood has a ton of little kids who have been cooped up for weeks! This will really help them get outside!

Parents - On Easter, take your kids for a walk around the loop of Antony Ave, Woodlawn Ave, Fox Hill, and Charles Street. Make sure you go on this walk ONLY WITH THE MEMBERS OF YOUR FAMILY - PLEASE KEEP THIS SAFE! From the street, count how many eggs you find in people's windows! If you want to make a game out of it, click here to visit a form where you can record how many eggs you found. I will email everyone who participates and let them know who found the most eggs!


Thanks again for participating - questions or comments, please reach out -