IT Outsourcing for Schools

School Experience Matters | Jeff and Marlon

How did we get here?!

I have worked in schools my whole career. In college, I was placed in an internship with Westerly, RI Public Schools in the Technology Department. I share this story with everyone – I was so disappointed with my internship placement. The rest of my classmates were placed in hospitals and law firms. Not only did I view them to have placements with better hands on experience, I also thought they had a tremendous head start to their career.

I expressed my discontent to my college professor. He said “Jeff, I promise you, this is the best internship I have ever placed a student in. It will change your life.” Never have 5 words been more true. That internship changed my life, forever. From that semester on, I was a school IT guy – I fell in love with the challenges of being a school IT Technician.

After my internship, I was asked to stay on as a member of the team. From there, I accepted roles as a Director of Technology for two different schools in RI. A career that spanned 20 years. I have owned and operated Better Days Technology since 2003, assisting clients on nights and weekends, while maintaining my school position as an IT Director. Finally, during the pandemic, I decided to devote my full attention to Better Days Technology. When I announced to my friends in the industry that I was leaving the school scene, my phone and inbox blew up! Schools all over the region were looking for a Technology Consultant as opposed to an on site Technology Director. I picked up right where I left off – in a school!

One of the first schools to call was my old friend Marlon Henry at the Gordon School. He was looking to add a camera system to their campus. I was then asked to do some professional development workshops with the teachers at Gordon. It was at that time Marlon said to me, “wow, every day is different for you. Maybe I should do this?!” Then the wheels started to spin. I like to tell people our “Education Division” was born that day. Marlon joined Better Days Technology that summer. After a long career at both Gordon School and Noble and Greenough School, Marlon joined Better Days Technology in 2023. Our experience in education makes us a very attractive duo. We currently service schools all over Rhode Island and the metro Boston area.

So, as you can see, we are school guys! We look forward to an opportunity to work with your students, teachers and administration!

Jeff Day – Owner, Better Days Technology

The Benefits of IT Outsourcing for Schools

Outsourcing IT services to Better Days Technology offers numerous benefits to schools, enabling them to enhance their educational environments, streamline operations, and improve overall efficiency. One key advantage is access to specialized IT expertise, which ensures that schools have access to the latest technology solutions and best practices.

For instance, let’s consider a medium-sized private school struggling with outdated hardware, network connectivity issues, and limited technical support for both students and faculty. By partnering with Better Days Technology, this school gained access to a dedicated team of IT professionals who conducted a comprehensive audit, upgraded their hardware infrastructure, and provided round-the-clock technical support. This resulted in a significant reduction in downtime, improved connectivity, and enhanced access to online learning resources, ultimately benefiting both students and educators.

Moreover, outsourcing IT services to Better Days Technology often leads to cost savings, allowing schools to allocate resources more efficiently. This reduction in IT-related expenses can be redirected towards improving educational programs, purchasing new learning materials, or investing in staff development. Our client schools enjoy the predictability of a fixed technology budget, setting their expenses in line with our custom built managed service contract.

Additionally, Better Days Technology’s ability to customize IT solutions to meet the specific needs of schools ensures that technology becomes an asset that enhances the educational experience. With close to a half century of  combined experience in Technology Education, we can also assist with classroom curriculum planning – helping you infuse emerging technology into your classroom.

In summary, outsourcing IT services to Better Days Technology empowers schools to create a more efficient, secure, and technologically advanced learning environment. Access to specialized expertise, cost savings, and tailored solutions are among the many benefits that contribute to improved educational outcomes for students and enhanced operational efficiency for educational institutions.


“I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Jeff Day since July 2021 when I hired him as our technology consultant at my prior school. I was impressed by the fact that Jeff had served as IT Director in other independent schools and would understand the unique needs and challenges of technology in education. When I met Jeff, I knew immediately he would be a good fit for our school because of his open and friendly personality, his clear knowledge of all aspects of technology, and his unique background as a consultant, teacher and independent school administrator. Jeff has the uncommon ability among technology staff to speak in a way people understand.


In a short span of time, Jeff completely revamped our device inventory model, and developed a predictable budget and consistent replacement schedule. Thanks to his strong background in school security tools, he also installed cameras in all of the school’s buildings and integrated them with the remote door hardware. He worked to reconfigure the network and expand and improve the wireless across campus. In addition, he built the school’s makerspace by hand. Even more importantly, Jeff quickly developed strong relationships with all members of the school community.


After starting at a new school in December of 2022, I learned we had a vacant position for the Director of Technology. I knew Jeff would and his new company, Better Days Technology, would serve all the school’s strategic technology needs, and save us money. So we hired Jeff and Better Days as our technology consultant, and eliminated the Director of Technology position. I am very happy to have the opportunity to work with Jeff again and I recommend his company to anyone looking for an affordable and strategic IT solution.”

Donna Strouse, Chief Financial & Operations Officer, Montrose School